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The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals - Essay Example34). To the extent that drugs are apply to treat individuals to get better, it would oppose the health practitioners code of ethics to prepare the individual for death. Further, this case is strengthened by the reality a case for execution cannot be substantiated after acknowledgment of insanity while in prison.The initial crime committed by Singleton is supposed to take charge in this case and he should be effrontery the antipsychotic drugs ready for execution. The essential claim premise would dictate that the claims of such an argument be supported by a plausible claim indoors the rubric of written laws. The claim made on the execution of Singleton is strictly supported by the written laws in the constitution (LaFave, & LaFave, 2006, p. 91). tending(p) the fact that he committed the crime insane conditions, he is presumed to have had full knowledge of the implications of his actions at the time. In this perspective, a case f or insanity that happened thereafter cannot be used to reverse a stipulated law to relinquish the previous charges. Singleton should be mendd to his sane sense to realize the events of the proceedings to his execution. From the fact that the law recognizes equity to all citizens, pardoning Singleton overruns the rights of the clean-handed individual whose life was cut short by Singletons action. Actually, Singleton did not consider his actions even when he was sane, and a medical antipsychotic would only restore his senses to understand the charges as he faces the consequences of his actions.An objection to the above argument would be based on the health practitioners duty to protect life. Given that the intentions of any actions dictate whether the deed is good or bad, it would be plausible to assume that treating Singleton with the intention of execution after recovery is bad. Medicine should be administered with the sole intentions of getting individuals better and relieving t hem of pain to realize better lives. Further, it is

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Transportation Security Administration Assignment

Transportation Security Administration - Assignment ExampleFailure to meet these standards results, in insecurity throughout the country via allowing the launching of disguised terrorists and weapons (TSA Passengers only need to provide their ID and boarding pass to Transportation security administration (TSA) employees on entry to the immigration departure division. Any somebody who fails to give the valid travel identifications is subject to further inspections. A boarding pass system of scanning (BPSS) is effective in detecting altered or fraudulent documents. However, the system may not work properly as a result of fraudulent activities in the acquisition of travel ids such as the use of a fake ID or a stolen credit card, whereby this machine may not detect such crimes.Their duties involve working with the regional department of security and the police to increase the capacity of existing resources and, as a result, maximize security operations. The employees recruited t o work in this department are particularly happy in aircraft operations. The program can be effective in enhancing the safety of the aviation industry with improved training and adherence to rules and regulations. However, the quality of the operations is alleged(prenominal) and may cause inconveniences and delays in security operations. Pilots and approved escape cock officers have the training to conduct firearm in the event of an labialize, as part of flight operations (TSA Even though this seems a good idea in promoting security in the event of an imminent danger such as an attack by terrorists while, aboard a plane, it can be fatal to both the pilot, the crew and the passengers since the aircraft can lose its control and result in a crash. This socio-economic class seems ill-conceived and should be left out.

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See attachments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

See attachments - Essay Exampleactions in meddling with war machine personal matters and his initiation of the Jewish Holocaust, would result to the defeat of Germany against the Allied forces of United States, Soviet Russian, Great Britain and France.Initially, during 1939 to 1942, Germany agilely overran most of Western Europe. Germany succeeded for more than two years by relying on their new method of warfare called Blitzkrieg. This innovative way of waging modern war required the focused use of offensive forces against the weakest point in a battlefront. For this to be achieved, speed and coordination was needed, using combined arms that involved the use of strike aircraft, assault infantry, mechanized and armored units, and artillery support. This led to newer technologies for tanks, aircrafts, and other weapons for Germany, off from better-trained personnel. First, German air forces would thwart rival forces from effectively bringing supplies or prevent the deployment of r einforcements. Afterwards, the German army would penetrate enemy defenses or lines with their tank divisions, cognise as panzers, to break through enemy lines quickly and move around without restraint. The result of this method of attack would result in shock and disorientation among the enemy forces. In the German plan, it was anticipated that an enemys entire country would be so quickly over-run that little concern need be had for industrial and war production that was merely potential.1Germanys use of maneuver warfare was supposedly a quick and decisive solution to achieve a swift and total victory. As far as tactics were concerned, the Germans had better tactical application and advantages in the early years of World War II. However, it was too previous(a) when the Germans realized that their means to wage did not match their ends, and exceeded their capabilities. There was hardly anything wrong with the military strategic and tactical doctrines of the German Third Reich. The problems were in the military objectives that

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Discuss the impact of fear and anger when caring for clients in the Essay - 1

Discuss the doctor of idolatry and anger when caring for clients in the health care setting - Essay theoretical accountsituations however, this paper will attempt to focus primarily on the impact of business and anger on both patients, as well as supplier in healthcare settings.Analysis of the literature (Schwarz, 2002) has indicated that fear and anger play a crucial role in healthcare settings, and these factors often decide the conquest or failure of an intervention in healthcare. In this regard, it is very important that at least healthcare providers should avoid the factor of anger, as it results in adulteration of physical, as well as psychological wellbeing of patients in healthcare. Experts devote noticed that every patient confronting normal or severe illness feels fear that deteriorates his/her condition, and it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to strive to reduce fear in patients. However, fear and anger in healthcare providers may worsen the condition s, and most important personal effects of fear and anger are psychological.It is a psychological perspective of every patient that healthcare setting or healthcare provider will win care of his or her health-related problems. However, it is observation (Schwarz, 2002) that due to huge workload and different other factors, healthcare providers often experience anger during their practices that leaves an adverse psychological impact on the patients, and even effective medication may not affect conditions of the patients. In addition, recent studies have focused primarily on the notion of aware consent in healthcare settings that relates significantly to the factor of anger and fear.Studies (Maruish, 2001) have indicated that without informed consent of patients and their family members, fear and anger increases in patients, their families, and healthcare providers as well. Experts have specified that in absence of informed consent, healthcare providers experience a wave of tension a nd fear during their different procedures due to chances of failures, and presence of such fear in healthcare providers enforces patients

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Sex Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sex Education - Essay ExampleThe argument whether sex bringing up should be made mandatory in schools, will be supported along with a short discussion on the kind of the content that should be discussed or taught as part of sex teaching. Thus, I indispensability to argue that not only should sex education be made mandatory, but it should also be effectively taught keeping in mind, the practical issues and mate pressures teenagers face and thus help students overcome modern personal crisis and ultimately, help in their psychological and social upbringing.The veritable scenario of sex education in US is not quite encouraging or effective. Either it is taught ineffectively, or it is taught keeping one goal in perspective - to perpetuate abstinence and post-marital sex. Therefore, the first nous one has to ask is What constitutes sex education Sadly, when one tries to answer this, there arises the conflict between cultural values, how much is enough, and whether internality consti tute both biological and behavioral science. Does sex education also attempt to explain the relationship between sexuality and media, religion, law, culture, arts and gender I strongly feel that it should.sexual urge constitutes our image of ourselves, determines our orientation and sexual health, and affects our social skills, relationships and sexual behavior. Hence, sex education has a huge responsibility to play, contrary to popular opinion, and this can determine the merciful development of a child, who is the future citizen of a country. Is the ultimate aim of sex education to stop teenage pregnancy If so, then the role of sex education becomes quite negative and conservative in nature. It then aims to eradicate a social evil and prejudices the childs mind, rather than helping them to take up a root with the help of their own free will. Any form of force or action is always less effective than something that has been done from the inner self will. This should be the proper a im of sex education. Sometimes sex education becomes a bitter power play and a good instrument in the workforce of various political organizations. It is a political tool and US has faced such political tug of war in the field of sex education since the 60s. In Talk about Sex the Battles over sex education in the United States1, Janice M. Irvine says that, The efforts of national evangelical organizationsall of which oppose comprehensive sex education, abortion, sexual representation in the media, and gay rights - gained momentum on legislative and policy fronts during Bushs administration (Irvine, xv). Since the Victorian time the myth of childhood innocence has always been upheld and the current picture of childhood and various discourses wee been developed to propagate this very form of truth. The image of the child as sexual being whence provokes religious, political and social controversies that are rooted in deep moral shame and fear about tarnishing this popular picture o f childhood innocence by sex talks (Irvine 13, 14). Nevertheless, we are evolving as a society and sex education should provide valuable knowledge keeping in mind the current social crisis that children face - without which a growing child may be exposed to greater exploitations and danger. The physical, emotional and psychological outfall after sex can have

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Operating Systems Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Operating Systems - Research Paper ExampleThe likes of Microsoft, Apple Inc, UNIX, and Google ar few of the owners and pioneers who deal out over the operating systems that are currently in the market.In the category of mobile phone devices the most common operating systems are Apple I.O.S, mechanical man back up by Google, and Windows Mobile operating system supported by Microsoft, Symbian operating systems that have been in the market for quite some time. They are supported by Nokia Inc. Blackberry is not behind in this category and they have their own operating system dedicated to it as well. Their operating system comes in form of R.I.M operating system. Each of these has its own characteristic features that makes each unique in its own way.In the aforementioned operating systems, some of these operating systems are hardware specific, while others are compatible with any kind of hardware device I.O.S is one of them that requires Apple devices in support for the software. I.O .S are subject to the social movement and requirement of Macintosh computers that support Mac OS X 10.6. I.O.S is the patented operating system of Apple Inc. in the case of the different operating systems. The real first of the many SDKs that were introduced by Apple Inc was NeXT O.S.Android Operating systems in contrast are relatively supportive and enjoy large outgo compatibility scale in comparison to I.O.S. They are compatible with any kind of devices that may support ordinary operating systems and their kernels. The feature of creation of Android virtual(prenominal) Devices is another aided feature that comes in the support of Android Operating system as compared to the I.O.S. A.V.D gives Android operating system an edge over its rivals. It allows for the buffer test and other verifications of the system compatibility and the applications proper functioning (Goadrich & Rogers, 2011).In recent times, I.O.S has incorporated new and developed means of protecting the operating system from any kind of intruders. A step

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Reporting on a Religious Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reporting on a Religious Service - Essay ExampleThe outside pictures were a distinct depiction of a religious place that was encompassed in its architecture. The temple was fenced all round by metallic rails that demarcated the place from its neighborhoods. The temple had a dome that was indicative of the Shikar-bandhi theatrical role of the Jainist temples. The temple was beautifully carved with pillars all over the entrance, and the at bottom of the temple was enclosed. The colors that were used on the outside included white with blue-print of the Jain signs and symbols. From the front, there was only one entrance to access the building with a dome on top of the entrance.The inside was also decorated with a crew of architecture, paintings, and colors that were similar to those that were outside. On my entry into the building, I took off my shoes because every other believer was taking off their shoes, and it was a sign of etiquette. The inside had two staircases. The downstairs was composed of many rooms that were meant for education and other programs in the temple. The upstairs was the main temple of the believers. The upstairs was an empty hall that had no furniture. However, the floor was covered with a mat. Inside this temple, there were idols that were decorated differently. The middle idol was the most decorated while the three on each of the sides were less(prenominal) decorated. The believers were seated on these mats with their legs folded and their hands laying on their laps. Most people in this serve up were middle class and the high class. Their ethnic group was in the main Indian, and their gender was composed of both males and females. Their ages were varied from approximately 3years to 70 years old.I went upstairs to the service because that was the location of the temple. On this Sunday, the people had attended the service for prayer. On the way they pray, before we entered the temple, the people should put something yellow on their for ehead and wipe their heads a little of