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Meursault vs MLK Jr essays

Meursault vs MLK Jr essays Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who was deeply committed to bringing justice to the Negroes of America. He expressed this commitment in his Letter from Birmingham Jail. This letter tells us a lot about the way in which King saw the world and the power relationships within it. It painted the picture of a determined man who saw his place in the grand scheme of things and knew how to use his power to achieve his goals. The character Meursault from the Albert Camus novel The Stranger also manipulates power to his advantage. Meursault on the other hand seems to be completely indifferent to what is going on around him. These two men have opposite personalities and yet they both come to the same end... power. How is this possible and what does this say about the typical power theory? To answer this question I will examine the ways in which both King and Meursault understand love, justice, religion and law. In his Letter from Birmingham Jail King expresses his love for the church, his love for freedom and his love for America. He follows the words of Jesus, who said, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and persecute you (479.) This approach to ones enemies is an interesting one. Rather than gaining power in the relationship by pushing others down it aims to gain power by lifting them up. Say person X hates person Y. Kings approach was that Y should return that hate with love. The desired result was that X would not be able to hate someone who loves him/her without feeling guilty and instead give the love back thus making the two equal. Meursault definitely does not share Kings opinion on love. Whereas King goes by the principle that love will be returned with love and leave nothing but equality Meursault does not see the importance in the whole thing. Marie obviously loves him but he does not love her (5...

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Greek Alphabet and Symbols in Chemistry

Greek Alphabet and Symbols in Chemistry Scholars used to be conversant with Greek and Latin as part of their education. They even used these languages to publish their ideas or work. Correspondence with other scholars was possible even if their native languages werent the same. Variables in science and mathematics need a symbol to represent them when they are written. A scholar would need a new symbol to represent their new idea and Greek was one of the tools at hand. Applying a Greek letter to a symbol became second nature. Today, while Greek and Latin arent on every students curriculum, the Greek alphabet is learned as needed. The table below lists all twenty-four letters in both upper and lowercase of the Greek alphabet used in science and mathematics. Name Upper Case Lower Case Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Omicron Pi Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Phi Chi Psi Omega

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Proposed Installation of a Swimming Pool Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Proposed Installation of a Swimming Pool - Essay Example Since some pools are easily removed while others become a permanent part of a property, this is an important consideration. Related to this concept is the type of coating or painting which should be used for a newly constructed pool. Another of your concerns was the safety features and insurance liability coverage you should carry, not only for your own family's security but also for visitors' coverage or for incidental pollution considerations. Electricity for pumps and filtering devices, accidental misuse of chemicals in the water and a host of other issues are involved here. While you did not ask us about enclosures or pool covers, we are including some information about these in this report. Since Atlanta is not actually in the semi-tropical areas of the USA, we felt you would appreciate some ideas for safe storage of the pool area in cooler weather. We did some interview research about the cost and life expectancy of both on-ground and in-ground pools. (Answers.yahoo). This was part of our research as to which of the three pool types to recommend to you and to provide you with the rationale for your decision. Our staff checked online sites for prices as well as the pros and cons of each of the three pool types. ... Our staff checked online sites for prices as well as the pros and cons of each of the three pool types. Of course, size influences price as surely as whether to build into the ground or on top of the ground. We looked at various building materials for the pool types. These include fiberglass, concrete, steel, aluminum and resin. We felt sure that you did not intend to be building an air-filled rubber pool so we did not check into that material. We have information on ground preparation for the pool types. The red clay of Georgia will not give you much problem for whichever type of pool you build. Lastly, we investigated liability insurance, pool covers and enclosures as well as cleaning and painting materials. In the next section of this report, we will break down our findings to aid in making an informed decision. Findings of Investigation Let us first consider the three possible pool types. They are above ground pools, on ground pools and in ground pools. There are descriptions and photos available online (Propools). The above ground pools are easily moved since they are made to be rather easily put together and taken apart. Within a few hours, the owner can put up the pool and fill it with water and begin using it. These pools sit on top of the ground. Just as easily, the pool can be disassembled for storage or removal to another spot. These pools can be made of aluminum, steel or resin. (sharkline). Pepper 3 The on ground pools are better for sloping ground and are similar to in ground pools in that they are more permanent. Their prices are a bit higher than the prices of the above ground pools since these pools are not easily removed. The third type of pool is the in ground pool. It

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Tourism in dubai Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Tourism in dubai - Research Paper Example 1.1 THESIS STATEMENT According to the present day context, tourism industry has been designated as second largest sectors after oil export in terms of revenue generation and prevalent employer within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Henderson, "Tourism in Dubai: Overcoming Barriers to Destination Development"). Keeping with the present spontaneous growth of the Dubai tourism industry, the study duly focus on critically discussing the inclusive tourism sector of Dubai through briefly demonstrating its historical journey towards becoming an emerging tourism destination for the global clients. Moreover, the discussion would also incorporate major attractions of Dubai along with its renowned events that enable the city to identify itself as one of the leading tourism destinations of the world. Additionally, the study would further reflect on the future initiatives of the Dubai government towards increasing the performance of its tourism sector. 2. BRIEF HISTORY OF DUBAI TOURISM INDUSTRY A ccording to the demographic measurements, Dubai is the most densely populated place as compare to the other emirates within the UAE. The place has been identified as one of the largest trade and business centers for the global marketers. In relation to the historical background of Dubai, the export of oil to overseas countries is the primary source for the place to gain economic growth. However, since the past few years, tourism has emerged as the major contributor to the economy of the city (Henderson, "Tourism in Dubai: Overcoming Barriers to Destination Development"). The establishment of Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board (DCTPB) in the year 1989 can be considered as the initial step of the government to modernize the Tourism Department of Dubai. However, DCTPB during the year 1997 was transformed and was later came to known as the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) which was primarily intended towards promoting tourism in the city. The continuous development and considerable investments in the tourism industry has been widely recognized to introduce Dubai as a popular tourism destination for the global clients (Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, â€Å"Dubai for Tourism†). The primary objectives of the DTCM boards have been oriented towards increasing awareness of Dubai as a favorable and appealing tourist destination through continuous development of its tourism sector, with the intention to increase inward investment within the emirates. Moreover, the board is also identified to empower with adequate responsibility of conducting marketing and promotional activities of Dubai’s tourism sector. With this notion, the tourism industry of Dubai has fueled and obtained adequate capability of attracting global audiences towards its exceptional tourism and hospitality services (Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing, â€Å"Dubai for Tourism†). 3. ATTRACTIONS In relation to the present to urism infrastructure, Dubai can be regarded as one of the unique and most dynamic tourism and business locations for the global audience. The tourism

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How Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby Essay Example for Free

How Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby Essay Write about some of the ways Fitzgerald tells the story in chapter 1 The chapter begins with Nick Carraway introducing himself as the narrator. Fitzgerald uses a first-person retrospective narrative, therefore we are given Nicks point of view throughout. The chapter begins with Nick remembering his father’s advice that â€Å"all people in this world haven’t had the advantages that [he’s] had† this tells the reader that the main theme of the novel is wealth. The use of the word â€Å"advantages† suggests that Nick comes from a wealthy family. Fitzgerald makes Nick claim that â€Å"I’m inclined to reserve all judgements† yet quickly contradicts this he tells â€Å"the intimate revelations of young men† are â€Å"marred by obvious suppressions†, by Fitzgerald doing this, the audience are given an opinion on Nick, realising he is likely to be an unreliable narrator. However when Nick says â€Å"I’m inclined to reserve all judgements† the reader may also feel that Nick will give a true and honest account of the events and will not be biased against any of the characters. Fitzgerald uses this chapter to set the scene of the novel. Fitzgerald makes it clear through Nick’s narration that the events within the novel have already taken place â€Å"back from the East last autumn†, the reader instantly knows that we will be given an interpretation of the events and they will all be from Nicks point of view. Nick talks about â€Å"Midas and Morgan and Maecenas† all three of these men were renowned for their wealth. Morgan and Maecenas were real men, whereas Midas’s story is a Greek myth. By mentioning both myth and reality in the first chapter Fitzgerald tells the reader that myth and reality will be mixed throughout the novel. Fitzgerald introduces most of the main characters within this chapter as part of the establishment of the text. Gatsby is the first to be introduced excluding Nick, which could suggest that Gatsby is the protagonist of the novel. Later on in the chapter we are introduced to Tom, Daisy and Jordan as Nick goes to a dinner party over at East egg. Fitzgerald has Nick use exaggerations of expressions and body language to create an impression of Tom Buchannan and the others in East egg. Fitzgerald has Nick harshly describe Tom as being â€Å"arrogant† and powerful â€Å"not even the effeminate swank of his riding clothes could hide the enormous power of that body† by using this description Fitzgerald highlights his role as a dominant male, Fitzgerald supports this by the use of direct speech from Tom â€Å"I am stronger and more of a man than you are†, this again shows that Tom believes  he is above everybody else again re-enforcing his arrogance. Fitzgerald uses oxymoron’s to describe the way in which Tom handles Nick â€Å"he turned me around again politely and abruptly† this shows that Nick as a narrator is contradicting himself hence causing the reader to question his narrat ion once again. Throughout the chapter, Nick uses adverbs such as â€Å"accusingly† and â€Å"helplessly† when referring to Daisy, allowing Fitzgerald to give the impression that she is dominated by Tom and that they are living in a patriarchal society. This contrast is displayed by Nick’s use of adverbs such as â€Å"decisively†, â€Å"restlessly† and â€Å"crossly† when retelling Tom’s speech, showing Tom’s power. During the dinner where also introduced to myrtle in a way as her phone call interrupts dinner, we also find out about how Jordan talks about her Tom and his family, â€Å"Tom’s got some woman in new York†, therefore showing she’s not a very trustworthy character. Fitzgerald also uses simile’s to add more emphasis to the point he is making â€Å"compelled me to the room as though he were moving a checker to another square†, this also shows Tom’s power. towards the end of the chapter Nick witnesses Gatsby standing at the end of his lawn, nick describes the way in which Gatsby held out his arms as â€Å"curious† this gives the reader an urge to want to read on and find out what the green light is and what significance it holds in relation to Gatsby. Fitzgerald makes Nick use the word â€Å"vanished† at the end of the chapter which give the chapter a more dramatic end.

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Evil From Morals :: essays research papers

Evil From Morals By textbook definition, evil is "What is morally wrong, what hinders the realization of good" (Webster). If that is evil, then what is good? It's "what is morally excellent, virtuous, well behaved, dutiful." (Webster) Philosophers have argued over what evil is and why it exists for thousands of years. They have raised questions like ‘How can there be a God if there is evil?' These questions were raised due to God's nature: he is said to be all-powerful, all- knowing and all-good. If this is the case, why doesn't he stop evil? And, since people are supposed to be created in God's image, why are they capable of moral evil? If one believes that God exists, there can only be one answer: evil exists because God allows it, and moral evil exists because God has given us freedom of choice. Evil has been looked at in many different ways throughout the years. Philosophers like Socrates and Plato believed evil was a matter of ignorance. Ancient Persians saw good and evil as two principles, "engaged in a perpetual struggle."(Collier) In reality, evil is merely the absence of good. "The essence of all reality is good, evil is merely the faulty reflection of reality found in a world of particulars."(Funk & Wagnalls) There can be many different types of evil. Two of such types are moral evil and natural evil. Natural evil consists of things like pain and suffering, while moral evil consists of making ‘bad' decisions. "Moral evil depends on the exercise of human will; natural evil is independent of this." (MacGregor) The main difference between these two evils is that people are unable to control natural evil, while moral evil depends on their will. Some people even say physical evil is a human necessity; "Without the evil of pain, man would not be warned of illness and of danger". (Colliers) In life, there are times where ‘bad' people are better off than `good' people. Why is this? Some say it is a test for the soul, and rewards await us. "The human family is as one, and its members help one another by their good actions as the also cause suffering to one another for their faults"(Collier). As an example, take what happened to Jesus. He suffered for all sins of mankind, and through this saved them all. But what of moral evil, which consists of things like murder, which people can control? Why does God permit it if the consequences are undesirable? To understand why moral evil exists, the concept of free will must be understood. Freedom of choice, or free will is "the power and exercise of

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Asses sociological explanations for ethnic differences in educational achievement Essay

Asses sociological explanations for ethnic differences in educational achievement. 20 marks. Ethnicity refers to shared cultural practices, perspectives, and distinctions that set apart one group of people from another. That is, ethnicity is a shared cultural heritage. The most common characteristics distinguishing various ethnic groups are ancestry, a sense of history, language and religion. Modern Britain is said to be a multicultural society made up of many different ethnic groups. Achievement within education is very varied across cultures, with some such as Chinese and Indian students performing above the average, and African-Caribbean and Pakistani students performing well below average. There are many factors which can reduce a child from an ethnic backgrounds attainment. For instance, Material deprivation. Material deprivation focuses on income inequality and the material problems that are associated with it. An example of such a study is J. W. B Douglas, ‘The Home and The School’ (1964). He argued that an interlocking network of inequalities existed which operated against many working class students. This included, differential effects of regional and variations in educational provision and expenditure. Also, housing and environmental factors. Which led to chances of access to ‘good’ primary schools. Therefore, hindering the chance of access to top streams. As a result, minority ethnic children are more likely to live in low-income households. This means they face the problems that Douglas highlighted, the material factors, such as poor quality housing, no working space and even possibly bad influence of peers. One other reason for differences in educational achievement between ethnicities is the basic family life. African-Caribbean communities have a high level of lone parenthood. Actually, it is estimated 50% of African-Caribbean households have a lone-parent . This can mean that many face financial problems, this can lead to lower achievement in school (Douglas’ material factors). Conversely, single mothers can be a positive role model or influence for many young girls, meaning they perform better in education. Another explanation for ethnic differences is Language. For many children of an ethnic minority English is not their primary language. This can be a disadvantage because they may not understand exams as well as others. Also they might struggle to express themselves with limited English. Finally, some teachers may mistake poor English for a lack of intelligence, when actually this could be completely untrue, meaning that a clever child may be let down by the teacher who might not push the student to their full potential. However, you could argue that Chinese and Indian students first language isn’t English, on the other hand in these two cultures it is the norm to learn English as a strong second language. Therefore, they are not hindered by the second language barrier, as opposed to Bangladeshi’s for example. Language was such a big issue that Bernstein (1973) categorised students into two groups. Elaborated and restricted. In the case of an elaborated code, the speaker will select from a relatively extensive range of alternatives. However in the case of a restricted code the number of these alternatives is often severely limited. Bernstein’s work was not always praised. For instance, Labov (1974) argued that young blacks in the United States, although using language which certainly seems an example of the restricted code, nevertheless display a clear ability to argue logically. Their lack of knowledge concerning the subject may reach further than just the exams they have to take. For instance, due to the large amount of failing black Caribbean’s and Bangladeshi’s (a combined total of 41% managed to get 5 A* – C grades), teachers may be subconsciously prejudiced against ethnic minorities. This can lower the students attainments in many ways, one is that the teachers give the student lower grades. Another way is that the teacher negatively labels a student of ethnic minority which can lead to self-fulfilling prophecy. Racism can also lead to conflict between students and teachers, making learning a much harder task. Lastly, racism can lead to low-self esteem among ethnic minorities. A researcher who studies this was Howard Becker (1971). Becker Interviewed 60 Chicago high school teachers. He found that they judged pupils according to how closely they fitted image of â€Å"ideal pupil†. Their conduct & appearance influenced judgement. Middle class was closest to ideal, working class furthest away & labelled as badly behaved. As a result you can see, if teachers labelled students on how they look, you can imagine how they would label a whole ethnic race. Another factor for ethnic differences in educational achievement is the ethnocentric curriculum. There are several reasons why ethnic minorities may struggle due to this curriculum. One is that the subjects often focus on British culture; naturally White British students will have grown up with this culture, so they might have a greater understanding of the content than students who grew up in a different culture. Another reason is that the content of the curriculum could lower ethnic minorities self-esteem, this is because often the white character is seen as â€Å"good† and superior whilst the ethnic minorities are seen as â€Å"not as academic†. However, it is crucial not to forget that every ethnic minority underachieves at this level. In fact, in the UK, Chinese and Indian pupils score better grades than the â€Å"White† ethnic race. One of the main reasons for this is the support of the parents. Research has shown that some parents of ethnic minority, such as Chinese and Indian, take more interest in their child’s education, they also encourage their child more than other in other cultures. This obviously leads to higher achievement for the child. Not only the parents play a part. Some teachers may stereotype some ethnic minorities to be intelligent and hard-working. This encouragement and sort of support can aid a student in raising their grades. To conclude, there are many sociological explanations for the ethnic differences in educational achievement, from language barriers to family life at home. However, it is important to remember not all ethnic minorities to underachieve. Rafi Kentafi – Lindill 12P.

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Endless Love For My Family Essay

Someone once said, â€Å"Love is the answer everyone seeks. Love is the language every heart speaks.† Funny isn’t it? Although every country, every city, every individual is so completely and utterly different in thousands of ways, we all have one common desire. Love we crave the experience, even when there is no one to experience it. It’s many a time’s said that love is even created by people it was never meant to be found with. Purely and solely because, from day one the idea that you need another human being to validate your existence has been engraved into the mind of every individual, In past generations love was a magnificent feeling, that everyone dreamt about, in today’s society love is no longer a feeling but more so an obsession one cannot live without. My obsession has been my family, which includes my sister, My Mom and My father. Sisters are one kind of the best friends you have in your life. My Sister She is another important part of my life after my mother, She is older than me but we are still life best friends, I know I fight with her more than everyone, sometimes I hate her a lot but still I love her a lot, When I complete my High School I told my parents I’m not going study but I will just do some odd jobs , my sister she really get hard on me and told me no you should do your bachelor’s degree so u can a good job in future, I did listen to her and started my 1year of college , everything is really hard for me but she is always there to help me out with all my stuffs, She really wanted to see me completing my bachelors I don’t know If I can do that or not but still I’m working on it She is like my guardian angel/ having somebody to whom you can look at without being judged. Having a mother is the best thing that one can have in life. Its often said that to have a mom is like having God by your side. My Mother is the important part of life; she is the one who give birth to me without complaining about all the pains she have been through. My mother is one of the people I must respect and love. she is the one who gets me into this world, She was always there when I need a best friend to share my story’s, She teach me how to walk, how to draw, how to pronounce, She taught me everything, She taught me more than anyone else, not only inspired me the strength to overcome hardships in my life, It is unconditional love that my mother feels that drive these feelings. Father is the best foundation one can have in life. You have a live streaming of being responsible. Father is  one important part of your upbringing. My father is my role model whom I have followed thru all my life, I always wanted to be like him, but now when I look at him I know how hard it is to be like him, He always supported me with everything t hat possibly I could have ask for, He is my everything my banker: whenever I need money he would be there to fund me When I stuck with a math problem he would be my teacher and help me out , When I would seek help to make my decision this ,man has been there to help me out and be my mentor, I know There will be obstacles and unexpected turns in my life but My father will be always there for me. I remember one thing what my father asked me to remember all the time is â€Å"Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.† And I always remember this thing when I’m suffering from hard time I love him a lot. â€Å"But who I am with you, is who I really want to be. You’re so good for me. When I am holding you, it’s like I have the world in my hands. Yeah a better man is who I am with you.† Quoted from the popular Chris Young song â€Å"Who I am with you†. The concept of love has been transformed into the idea that out of the billions of people on the planet, But for me my family has been the reason for love. Said individual is supposed to possess the ability to change the personality and actions of another human being purely based on the overwhelming affection they hold. The Oxford dictionary defines love as â€Å"A strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for anyone.† If love is merely a feeling of attra ction why has it ever taken 90% of the media world?

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Analysis of An Arundel Tomb Essays

Analysis of An Arundel Tomb Essays Analysis of An Arundel Tomb Paper Analysis of An Arundel Tomb Paper An Roundel Tomb was first published In The Whitish Weddings in 1964, a number of reviewers singled the poem out for comment. Christopher Rills, in The New York Review of Books, described Larkin as the best poet England now has, and said of the collection people will be grateful for its best poems for a long time. Risks listed An Roundel Tomb as one of the six best poems. Praise came also from Joseph L. Feather-stone, in New Republic, who used the last two lines of the poem to illustrate his point that [Larkin] is especially good at gathering up the substance of a mingle slow-paced poem and concentrating it Into enormously powerful last lines, lines that echo after they are read. For Louis L. Mart, In The Yale Review, An Roundel Tomb was a perfect poem, and Like Featheriness he also chose to comment on the last two lines: That open utterance of the long-repressed sentiment emerges with an effect of ironic hesitation. Our modern inference from the sculptured hands is only our own simplification of the imagery: for that other age had a broader meaning in its splutter that we can never apprehend. What remains Is our own attitude, based upon the almost-instinct of what we wish come true. In the years that have elapsed since its publication, An Roundel Tomb has come to occupy an important place in Larrikin work. Almost all book-length treatments of Larrikin poetry accord ample space to an analysis of it. Bruce Martin, in Philip Larkin, uses the poem as an example of the preeminence of love in Larrikin scheme of values. Andrew Motion, In his biography of the poet, calls It one of his most moving evocations of the struggle between time and human tenderness. Roger Bowen, in Death, Failure, and Survival in the Poetry of Philip Larkin, argues that An Roundel Tomb marks an important transition in the poets work, in terms of his exploration of the meaning of death. In his later poems, Larkin begins to expre ss a view of death in relation to a world which perpetually renews itself. In this latter view A quiet trust Is sometimes apparent, a trust in continuity, a belief in something undiminished somewhere . Which will survive beyond his Individual extinction. Seen In this light, An Roundel Tomb is an assertion about the future. A belief in some kind of spiritual survival. Other critics, however, have not been so ready to read the poem in such a positive light. Particular attention has been paid to the last two lines as the key to Interpretation. James Booth, In Philip Larkin: Writer, writes, The sleight of hand whereby the final line appears to be a celebration of the transcendence which the whole sentence denies is pathetically ineffective. It is as far as the poet can honestly go. And Andrew Carsick, in Out of Reach: The Poetry of Philip Larkin, expresses a similar view: Their Joined hands do not represent the triumph of love over time, but our delusion wish that it might be so. Deterrence AT Interpretation notwithstanding, An Roundel loom NAS always Eden a favorite of Larkin readers. A sign of the high esteem in which it is generally held is the fact that it was one of three poems by Larkin that were read aloud at his memorial service held in Loons Westminster Abbey in 1986. Info from answers. Com

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6 Things You Must Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

6 Things You Must Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer Got the job? Great. Now you need a crash course in negotiating. Don’t be too difficult or demanding, but do ask for what you want and need- respectfully and professionally. Here are 6 things to make sure you discuss before you sign the contract.1. The Money You WantSalary is the number one negotiated term for any new position. Do your research into the industry standards for your position, taking into account any extra expertise you might have- or any missing links. If you’re going to ask for more money, be prepared to explain why you deserve it. And why it would be in their best interests to spend the extra cash to get you on board.2. SweetenersIf you’re lucky enough to be in a field that typically offers signing bonuses, that can help mitigate a slightly lower salary offer. Again, do your research. Don’t ask for anything extortionate or too far out of the ordinary. But do use it as leverage if the hiring manager says they’d really like to offer yo u a higher salary, but they just don’t have the authorization. Maybe they can get the authorization for a signing bonus.3. Vacay DaysTime off is important to most of us. It might even be more important to you than your annual salary. If this is your main demand, you can ease up on the money talk and ask for compensation in more vacation days. Don’t forget to mention that your productivity increases exponentially when you have time off to reset.  4. Regular ReviewsHungry to get up the ladder? Not totally jazzed by your new job title? Make sure to formally request performance reviews. If you’re doing your job well, this is the surest way to title bumps and increased compensation. Show ‘em what you’ve got!5. Moving MoneyIf you need to uproot and go halfway across the country, be sure to ask for relocation assistance. Most companies have a separate budget for this. Be sure to go into the negotiation with a clear idea of how much your move is going to cost so you know how much you’ll need to ask for.  6. The Opportunity for FlexibilityThis can be a tough one, since the company doesn’t know your work style yet. They don’t know how productive and fabulous you are, because you haven’t shown them. But if schedule freedom is that important to you, or to your work, it’s okay to mention it in these initial negotiations.Remember: negotiating isn’t easy. And salary is just one piece of the puzzle. Make sure you know what your needs and wishes are, then rank them in order of importance. You can’t ask for everything right out of the gate, but you can (and should) ask for the most important.

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Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Globalization - Essay Example Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. This process has effects on the environment, on culture, on political systems, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical well-being in societies around the world. (Website: http://www.globalization101.org/What_is_Globalization.html Globalization makes use of modern technological advancements and also focuses on the quick transfer of technology, to keep with the changing world. Therefore, Globalization is a phenomenon that charges towards progress and engulfs the whole world, in this process. The development in technology has led to the process of Cloning and other artificial forms of life. Today, we have hybrid varieties of fruits and vegetables being imported from various parts of the world; which truly symbolises globalization.

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Discussion board homework Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion board homework - Coursework Example The outdoor, fitness and aviation segments contributed to 63% of the revenue. A loss in foreign currency has been realized of $ 44 million compared to a gain of $ 12 million last year, and the company is projecting earnings of about $ 2.88 billion in terms of revenue. The outdoor segment and auto segment have a decline in revenue of 10% and 11% respectively. For the auto sector, it has been because of a fall in the Personal Navigation Device (PND) industry, as a result of competition from the mobile industry and other competitors. The article remains significant in the essay as it not only provided crucial financial information but indicates the diverse segments where the company excels. With the above research, comprehensive business analysis can be put in place for Garmin, and this can aid in outlining the areas of strength and weaknesses. It is because the figures clearly depict the revenue generated from each segment. The data above can thus be used to come up with a strategy primarily to strengthen the areas where the company is likely to maximize its net income. For instance, it can concentrate in the fitness segment that has gained popularity, and that is likely to generate supernatural