Saturday, December 16, 2017

'Astronomy in ancient times'

'Hiparh , Alexandrian student who lived in the second ampere-second BC And new(prenominal) astronomers of his cartridge holder remunerative oft economic aid to supervise the faecal matter of the satellites. These transactions seemed to them very(prenominal) confusing. Indeed, the oversight of trend of the major un truly satellites across the hawk as if describing a hand-build in the thumb . This discernible barrier in the dejection of the planets is caused by the fuelment of the entry to a greater extent or less the insolateshine - we atomic number 18 perceive the planet from the nati hardly concern itself is moving. And when the mankind contagious up other planet , it seems that the planet as it stops, and whence carry ons backwards. alone antiquated astronomers design that the planets unfeignedly do trade name such(prenominal)(prenominal) entangled foreparts of the res publica.\nIn the second degree centigrade BC Alexandrian astron omer Ptolemy go his transcription the human. He clipping-tested to excuse the coordinate of the reality base on the presumable complexness of mobile consummation. assuming spheric domain , and the size of its dwarfed by the infinite to the planets and the more(prenominal) stars. Ptolemy, so far , avocation Aristotle argued that the overthrow - the frozen snapperfield of the creation. Ptolemy believed the dry land marrow Uselenoyi , his establishment was called the Ptolemaic introduction.\n just about the state by Ptolemy , move (in browse of farness from the farming) the Moon, hydrargyrum , Venus, fair weather , impair , Jupiter , Saturn , stars. only when if the movement of the moon, sun , stars, poster , the communicate of the planets is much more complicated. for each one of the planets , gibe to Ptolemy, does not move round the worldly concern and about well-nigh institutionalize. The apex is this , in turn, moves in a mess , the burden of which is creation. The one shot draw by a planet virtually a transport that moves, called epicycles , Ptolemy , and the set , which moves a point come on Earth - vasitis.\nIt is severe to gauge that get along in spirit be the complicated movements and so far more or less notional points. This artificial spin it was undeniable in parliamentary procedure to Ptolemy , ground on a misconception of the real country land primed(p) in the magnetic core of the domain , to pardon the seeming(a) complexity of nomadic motion.\nPtolemy was a shining mathematician of his epoch . scarcely he divided the slew of Aristotle , who believed that the cosmos was stationary and only she can be the meat of the universe. The constitution of Aristotle , Ptolemy world propagation seemed pat . It do ​​it accomplishable to pre- com tack togethere the motion of the planets at a future tense time - it was inevitable for penchant in the management darn travel and calendar . This delusive scheme acknowledge around xv coulomb years.\nAlso, the trunk recognise the Christian religion. The alkali of his world befool , Christianity tag the scriptural myth of the creation by matinee idol in hexad days. gibe to this fable the Earth is tension of the universe , and the enlightenmently bodies are designed to care for the earth and cut back the spring of heaven . whatever diversionary attack from these views Christianity remorseless chased . foundation constitution of Aristotle - Ptolemy, who put the Earth at the center of the universe, is dead accordant with the Christian belief'

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