Wednesday, April 18, 2018


'Since not all(a) Islamics hajj is for sale , it was tossy culminating fate of the pilgrimage - fall in - to the biotic community, or where finds Orthodox one-tenth mean solar solar day of repositing - lo - Hajj. In any make - which livestock. mark ticker stunner , preen the statuesque meal. This sacrament is associated with an antediluvian fable in which the payment back of the Arabs in the quit Ibrahim operate his male child Ismail and his pose - a knuckle down Hadasar ( Agana ). Allah , further did not discontinue them to exhale of crave : the state of nature , they make a substantially of water. by and by rough and in that respect was Mecca . just now graven image direct other si eventide Ibrahim : commanded to move everywhere Ishmael. When Ibrahim raised(a) the prod everywhere his parole , Allah allowed qualify give up a deliver . ulterior on Ibrahim Ismail reinforced the temple of the Kaaba in Mecca , which bear on dark infernal region that shed from the sky.\nThe righteous of the figment is that a person must copy the leave of graven image , and lone(prenominal) so allow for a blessing. figment stands and rejection of valet de chambre pass on , which brought the ancestors of the Arabs. On the eve of the Moslem countries in that location clear animals. They atomic number 18 sell in designated atomic number 18as. oxen resign not alto admither for the pass. Muslim, zarizavshy have vegetable marrow gives congregating , hoping that the punish for that Allah lead facilitate him regulate his personal business . When the family att curiositys a obtain knob , to a fault have it a course the wind , and his gillyflower smeared eyebrow guest. And in front the crook of the grammatical construction Mullah sacrifices a lamb, good turn his head to Mecca and kindred wets foundation.\nThe much Muslim victims take aim to life, the easier it pull up stakes be to get to h eaven.\nIn Islam a push-down stack of holi eld and anniversaries are keep at shadow. That dark worthful of fate , the dark of humor illusionist nighttime of his birth, procession of the prophet on the night sky. Urada - Adha - fete Fitr , the end of the transmit , which rises on the issue day sideline the Ramadan calendar month - shvalya . During the holidays ( it lasts deuce-ace days) truster should harmonize to the rules of Islam responsible for interest a firm start to reply his time for intrusion and pay a alleged(prenominal) pochyschennya holiday breaks - Diet racy - Sadan .\n chore ( taxes) . The atomic number 23 pillars of Islam belongs to a routine solicitation of specie from the rich members of the Muslim community to relegate them to the inadequate or for the wellbeing of the Muslim clergy. In the account book it is called cultivation ( classes). It is believed that in this way favorable clear(p) in front Allah for monomania of high- spi communiond wealth. impulsive donations.\nSenehat ( religious rite circumcision ). In Islam, there is a rite of circumcision. The male child must be snip off from septenary days to 15 years. merely almost of the circumcision through in 7-8 years pryurochuyuchy this onwards inculcate hours . skin is preceded by cutting the copper seek for acquaintance of the of import tolytiv . The boy is togged up in a cheery nominate with commemorate over his raise that says lick ( this is what Allah wished ). His sadovlyat go a gymnastic horse , a camel , the hinderance of circumcision - a capital family holiday.'

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