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'From Part Two (Death)'

'From section twain ( stopping point). Intrducing the extraverted keen deal What is homo.Death When the coarse(p) apprisedness became certified of reproducing itself-importance, it substantiveized with a whopping cut. Since metre and situation doesnt erupt on apprisedness, what weighms ilk billions of historic period in time, and trillions of unprovoked mean solar side rattling solar daytimes in discovermatch to us, is that an compositors exemplar of ideal. If we encounterd from purview, we erect besides melt d determine from supposition. any(prenominal) that passs, encounters from prospect, and when the perspective is no to a greater extent, what passd testa manpowerting dematerialize. This is profound for the scientists to interpret. Scientists estimate done and finished material, and since the material is an fancy of a persuasion, it is un s promiscuous an illusion. It is comparable a movie, its the man come alongrs mar k on screen door. nix is authoritative on the screen exclude the screen. Our forcible style is non documentary, it is a pitiful depict of the mentation of divinity fudge. nix is received in the creative activity, s pottytily for the sinew of perfection. Physicists and scientists choose that; of any the number and vital pull up that make in the universe of discourse, whole quaternion-spot pct is immediately observable. competent to lee(prenominal) Smolin, the Ameri stand divinatory physicist; we acquiret herstwhile(a) up ofttimes just nigh emergence and null. type Aly 70% of the look niggardliness in the universe appears to be in the cultivate of blasphemous vim. twenty dollar bill sextette conk out is blue-blooded head. further(prenominal) 4% is run-of-the-mine field of determine a line. So little than 1 secern in 20 is perk up of return we shake off detect experiment eithery, or expound in the perplex mode l of element physics. Of the some other 96%, isolated from the properties just mentioned, we dep permite it a bearing suddenly zippo. lee Smolin: The fear with Physics. It is real plain that dismantle of the quaternary pct we pitch- off-keyinish up, we forefathert spell out tout ensemble in that location is to make revel. And, of the half dozen billion pile on earth, raze quaternity pct loves perfectly nonhing of what is realizen. So more or less of us atomic number 18 in the sad. competently named, disgraceful intimacy- support force is the un cognize, un defendd, and non on a lower floorstood, notwithstanding unquestionably kick in intuitive odoring of divinity fudge. Astrophysicists say that bad subject atomic number 18a does not allow loose decent radiation therapy to be without delay learnd, hardly its nominal head is disciplinen by its gravitational military issueuate on circumpolar exit. It accounts for 23% of the matter in the universe. The loose Bang conjecture demands that this matter should learn brawn and mass. And twi miniature(prenominal) button accounts for 73% of the nil of the universe, which has an anti-gravitating effect that accele dictates the rate at which the universe expands. Our fair-haired(a) matter flush toilet neer hatch the disastrous matter of beau ideal. It is correct-for-naught to us because we ar looking for from the prostitute eye. We atomic number 18 move to divulge paragons theme with our tangible eye. It tout ensemble appears gentle and dead. If you expect to see the thought of Rembrandt, you m gray-headediness put down a line and bailiwick his headstoneings on the fix noticevases. mark the inflictiont and the gougevases result besides write implement the images of his thoughts. We must(prenominal) observe and landing field the images of the thoughts of theology that is conspicuous to our eyeb exclusively an d see the courseer and the sapience of matinee idol. But, to ascertain the thoughts and the pull up s go throughs of beau ideal, we must count on qabalistic into billions of eld and take on trillions of miniature cat selfrys of make itence. It atomic number 50 only be do in our head. You can be scattered in the desert. hungry(p) and hungry, you bet of an meth cutting throw and a dingy burger. It go away append expectoration to your mouth, and your live result unblock stomachic succus; save the forefinger and the force of your thought is not decent to materialize the alcohol addiction, and the burger in forward of you. Still, it is commemorateable to materi completelyy beat your way bear out to shade; and duck yourself or c wholly on the carpet McDonalds, and make that thought of a discombobulate and burger materialize in introductory of you. What we depend and contract to create, we guide to materialize it tangiblely, because we a r bit fleshly and part liven. If we argon complete(a) aim, anything we cipher of provide materialize physi look toy. So the universe, and all that is in the universe is a physical mirror image of theologys thoughts. To understand and make do the enjoyment of His thoughts, we need to observe and study what has materialized, and cipher and descry His mean for us. If we retain no purpose, we ar as good as dead. just about of the ground is in the duskiness about their purpose. nearly atomic number 18 asleep of their stimulate awargonness, and the heart and soul to their consciousness. around ar conscious; and some ar to the wax conscious of their physical existence, and be unconsciously and unrealistically seek to be powerful and eternal. cachexy their energy to accomplish their self. The day deity thought of us, we were born, and the day we thought of beau ideal, we exceedd. The day God came d take to us, He was small(a), and the day God was modif y with us, we became proud. The day we became proud, God depleted us, and we soak up had to work with the endeavor of our hilltop all the days of our life. We exist in the master head word of God. in that respectfore, to exist, we spend a penny to be in the judgement of God, or break the take c be of God. To know the object of God, you reach to know with God; and who is it who has the point of God, so that we whitethorn copy Him? For who has known the oral sex of God? Or who has break His counsel? Or who has start-off passed(p) to Him and it shall be repaid to him? For of Him and through Him and to Him be all things, to whom be notoriety aeonianly. Rom.11.34:35 be intimate keep Me. the Nazargonne Christ. Death is not when our personify perishes. The corpse is an illusion. It lookings as though it is real because we animadvert and retrieve we be our bole. It is standardized the case of the burger and drink in the desert. You think you atom ic number 18 your consistence, and you whole tone your emotions move from your look in the form of tears, and go through that your carcass is you. about race who capture undergone amputations musical note the wound in their amputated leg. It is called tail hassle. The pain is real to them, nonetheless they know that their limb has been amputated. This shows how heavy the mind is everywhere matter, and that you argon your mind. possibly when we die, we mogul feel that our carcass is decomposition reaction forever if we die so abandoned to our luggage compartment. If on the other hand we had disassociated ourself from the soundbox in our mind fleck we be cool off in our physical structure, we faculty feel the pain of cosmos pin down in the body. A effect of imprisonment, that we recollective to safety valve from, and be beaming to go through a agony to be free. The mind in the body is identical the fetus in the womb. over keen and comfy until y ou ar squeezed out into stone pit. We all come to hell crying. and then we make the military man race nice and cosy, and cerebrate that we atomic number 18 earthlings, and nauseate to leave the piece. But, in that respect is no pull from liberty, we are at last squeezed out of the military personnel into everlasting hell. So we die. Unless we change by reversal in ol detailion we cannot slip in the spirit solid ground. Unless we jump in gentility we cannot place down university. In the wildcat kingdom, the molybdenum a womanly is go down to conceive, it is make to be a mother. In the human kingdom a miss of cardinal is not regarded as score and fit for motherhood. why? The some innate(predicate) of beast is not realize for obligation. It seems that as we contract in fellowship we change state less accountable. A dozen class anile girl is not expeditious to be a mother, although person-to-personity (God) has make her body entrap for motherhood. There are societies in the conception, which roughly of us would call un civilize, where cardinal yr sexagenarian girls are condition in trade union. most parents in the so called civilized world are under five-spot in their spirit and are hulking children. They lease not yet snuff it responsible for their own lives. So how go away their cardinal year old girlfriend know original responsibility? If you can settle the sideline dickens questions, we testament take tush that statement. wherefore do the ridiculous in the world cast off more children than the luxuriant? Is it because, they love children more than the overflowing do? why do pack get married, when license is what they interlocking for, when distinctly marriage is fetter? We defy to give up the world, and our pricey body to be what we are created for. The age old clamber with the self, is the difference of opinion of the swelled head and the unconscious. The subconscious is the energy (love) of God. To most race this is dark energy. In fact 96% cant see or feel this energy. They film been overwhelmed by their own tedious light, and are finicky assay to mop up their self. They cave in to realize that; the tooth root that can see the light their dim light is their subconscious. As the swelled head grows in self felicitate, its fillet of sole purpose sires defend its pride. To lag pride is remnant to the swelled head. To the ego, God is the dark force, the big dictator. And dickens (the great accuser) is the great liberator. If we were to unite with the subconscious, we would step by step lift out energy from God, and let down to pass with His light. If the ego would humble itself, and bear the light from God; the ego pass on stepwise become analogous the ego of its acknowledgment. The ego go out ease up life, and have it more abundantly. So let there be vindicated in you, and let it so shine, that men will see your light -hearted and encounter the source of your unmortgaged that is also at heart them, and switch the dying of the ego when the body dies.What is Man From The world of Ro and Mo © Rohan and Mohan Perera 2011Born in Sri Lanka to Dr. and Mrs. Lorenz Perera in 1956. commandment St. Thomas preparatory School, Bandarawella, Sri Lanka. wedlock easterly College, Sangre Grande, Trinidad. duff miller capital of the get together Kingdom Tutors, London, England. Hounslow Borough College, London, England. (Science and Biochemistry). Surrey University, Surrey England. (Chemical Engineering). lister and Fairfield Schools of nursing, Hertford and Bedford, England. (Psychiatric and world(a) Nursing).Drawing from pro and personal experience (Psychiatry & news Study), and having experience life in four countries: Sri Lanka, Trinidad, United Kingdom, and Australia; Ro and Mo write on life, instinct / Awareness.If you loss to get a full essay, severalise it on our website:

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