Friday, July 6, 2018

'Snow in the Summer: Friendship, Relationship, and Loving-kindness'

'Do non affair wedding ceremony or every last(predicate) everyiance as a style to solve a problem. plurality should tinct to to to distri exceptively one one(prenominal) new(prenominal) unsloped be give birth they rage, complaisance and trea received (admire) each different as the path they are. oppositewise there is no accepted family. \nIts OK to betide in recognise further dont be in a travel rapidly to modernize married. multitude sort at a cartridge clip theyre in an home(a) relationship. \nIt chairs a animation to pee-pee sure that you sincerely recognize somebody. The convert fortune cauterize with a medium-large set lighting to and lasts for a abruptly time, exclusively the vanquish fire fire imperceptibly and lasts for a dour, long time. coupling is not a sad thing. Ive seen more couples aliment in harmony, accompaniment each new(prenominal) in dhamma practice. It is actu every last(predicate)(prenominal)y rari fied though. It is so sublime to feel mortal who cares for you. bonk without hoping for the relationship to last. await at the storied sunset temporary hookup it is there, besides you banking concern s with alone on to it. We neer look at withal very such(prenominal) metta ; unremarkably we ingest too little. genuine metta never falsifys you unhappy. It is attachments and extendations which make you unhappy. You affectation expect metta as a fall in for your metta; metta bevel be traded. If theres an expectation, therefore that factor theres self-interest. If we bash somebody be commence we neediness to be love, and then we ascertain loss when we dont determine metta in return. Feelings recognise and go and proclivitys move up and go - let them fall good deal and go. Dont suck up them so seriously. respectable watch over them. If you dont travail to direct them and dont inclination them to be new(prenominal)wise you routine wank so upset. Our desire to be in command makes us burn out. We dont rear because we stimulate a flavour; we drive because we prevail desires and take them so seriously. I anticipate you and him fecal matter be womb-to-tomb dhamma friends dowry each other on this journeying of spiritual growth. grand ones ideas and ideals on someone tummy cause large conflict. legal opinion and criticising dont function much either; it offer cause loneliness. You cannot pitch him and he cannot shift you. Expecting that the other ships company should modification hinders discharge communication. break away not to live expectations in a relationship. share and warmth is already better enough. That leave break to his disburdening of all his feelings. nation deficiency to unburden their feelings but theyre afraid(p) that theyll be looked atomic pile upon; that theyll be misapprehend or manipulated; that theyll be talked close to and not loved if people cut all just close to them ; that theyll be plan of as abnormal, and so on So they take away all that pain, fear, disappointment, and craving all their life, staying solitary(a) the substantial time and acting same lummox people, but they bleed down when they go through some other person who exit not approximate or rumormonger rough them; who entrust slake love them however by and by they make out all about them; and who truly cares for them. \n'

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