Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Philosophy of Education Essay -- Philosophy of Teaching Statement

Philosophy of Education missing works cited The Education process is one that gradually proceeds throughout life, greatly in early years and really never stops. There will always be something someone has not learned. Knowledge is a powerful tool. One of the most well-known educators in the 20th Century, Christa McAuliffe, before her tragic death said, â€Å"I touch the future, I teach.† As an educator you seek to influence each of your students. A goal, common to many new and old teachers; as well as, those who ‘hope to be† desire the ability to touch someone’s future. In the opportunity one has as an educator it is likely that the future of one immediate student or even a small part of the success of our nation will be affected. If it had not been for the hard work and dedication of previous teachers our nation and even world would not be at the level it is today. If no one had ever learned the fundamental concepts of mathematics and science we would not have vehicles, airplanes, t elevisions, compact discs, computers, and the list continues. In other words, our world would virtually not exist as we know it. One example, from a long list of other notable achievements possible only thought the education process is a man by the name of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. If there had not been teachers to help him understand the basics of math, science, English and other usual subjects, he would not have made it to the collegiate level, thus banishing any ideas that Microsoft has contributed to our technological advancement in the computer industry. In fact, we would not have the computer operation system like the one utilized in homes and offices at present. So, in proclaiming that a teacher touches the futu... ...working toward a Masters degree either in education or educational administration. It will likely be educational administration; however, I will decide after I become involved in an actual classroom environment I have also considered a Doctorate in one of these two fields; though, at this time it is too early to commit myself. As an educator I will probably join a local, state, and national teacher organization such as National Education Association. This for support of various aspects of my professional career, including salary, better working environment, and legal issues. Overall, I feel my desire to be an educator, my diverse philosophy, and the plans I have for my professional development will all contribute to my effectiveness as a teacher. I also feel that my philosophy will likely become more enriched as I gain experience in the field.

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