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Integrated and Quality Business Challenge Management

Question: Discuss about the Integrated and Quality Business Challenge Management. Answer: Introduction: I have completed my graduation from The University of Melbourne in the stream of civil engineering. I want to pursue my career in civil engineering to develop infrastructure for the country. I am very much enthusiastic and optimistic while maintaining ethical integrity in the stream. My family has motivated me in the academic pursuit. I want to work in a reputed company in Australia where I can learn new skills and knowledge about the field of studies. In my graduation days, I have gained theoretical knowledge about various subjects of civil engineering. I have realized that a glimpse of understanding has been achieved by me in my undergraduate days. Civil engineering is my dream choice of career planning from childhood. I have much expectation from this selection of the career. I want to develop many skills in the field of civil engineering such as design planning, critical infrastructure, sustainable construction, and geotechnical engineering. Personal skills include determined, committed, forward-thinking, open to new ideas. By joining a company in civil engineering, I want to develop society by building infrastructures using modern technologies. My expectations of achieving these skills will help me in planning a successful career in civil engineering stream. A team is required in every field of work. Both in colleges and in organizations, the group, is formed for smooth flow of work. In my college, the team is composed for presenting different topics of the semester in the classroom. It is the basics of developing personal skills that will help in evolve in the career. The team is formed by bonding, mutual communication and efforts of the team members. Team management skills are critical regarding work life also for getting the work done. Teams in both the levels have different sets of goals and objectives. Formation of the team with high productivity is time-consuming. In my college, while participating in teamwork, I have learned many skills and competencies. Initially, I was one of the team members. After some time, my team members have appointed me as a team leader due to my skills in team management (Wang et al. 2014). The knowledge and expertise that I have gained in my college days will surely help me in managing the team when I will join a reputed company. The roles of the team members play a vital role in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the team. A sample CV for a fresher civil engineer is as follows: Name of the Student, Address, Contact no. Email Id Key Competencies Detailed theoretical knowledge on various topics of civil engineering such as design planning, critical infrastructure, and structural design. Solid IT knowledge on drawing different infrastructures using GIS and AutoCAD. A solid knowledge of project management skills. An excellent performer as a team leader in college days. Additional Skills Openness to new ideas, data management, and detail oriented. Focused, open to feedback, imaginative, innovative. Determined, inspirational, and hardworking. Team working, high energy levels. Ambitious, motivated, and technical competence. Academic Qualifications University of Melbourne: Civil Engineering (2010-2014) City Guilds: Diploma in Project Management 2009. For developing the skills of team management, I have used strategies like maintaining communication, understanding the mentality of the team members and finally delegating tasks accordingly. In the first stage, my cooperation among the team members is very cordial. I used to follow up with the progress of the missions in the group for increased productivity of the team (Qian et al. 2013). My skills have improved in managing a team throughout my semester which results in occupying team leader in the end. I am keen to gain new knowledge and competencies whenever needed to increase my level of knowledge. Team management is a vital personal skill that will help to grow my grooming skills to an advanced level. By many failures in my team in initial days, I have found out the actual reason behind it and gradually communicating it throughout the team (Eden and Ackermann, 2013). While developing team management skills, I feel confidence in myself. The growth of trust among myself has driven me in bringing positive impacts in me. Apart from that, my team members and faculties are supportive in enhancing my skills. I have failed in many circumstances that have helped me in learning many skills while managing a team (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). The skill of managing a team is a vital personal skill that is required in every field of works. Leading a team in both college level and organizational level is an essential responsibility of a team leader for delivering quality work in the stipulated time. It also helps in the development of leadership skills for increasing the motivation of the team leaders (Parke et al. 2014). In this paragraph, assessment of my team and self-assessment is described that would serve as an evidence of the skills development if myself. Companies usually need proof of the skills present in the candidates. Documentary proof of the certificates that I have achieved for my excellent performance in my college will help me to gain a significant position in the company (Ravid et al. 2013). I have a strong background in the role of a team leader in my college. If an employer asks me regarding the documentary evidence, then I will be able to portray my competencies to them in an elaborate manner. My feedback from my team members is active. In achieving the position of the team leader in my semester days, my team members have supported me (Siassakos et al. 2013). My team members have different characteristics. They have different skills that help in improving the team performance at advanced levels. All the members are very cooperative and supportive. A smooth flow of communication is always maintained in my team. Diversity among the team members is a positive aspect of my team. It is the reason of creating better performance due to creativity among the team performers. I have also learned many things from seeing performances of other teams in my class. Collecting positive feedback from another team really helped my members for increased productivity. References Eden, C. and Ackermann, F., 2013.Making strategy: The journey of strategic management. Sage. Goetsch, D.L. and Davis, S.B., 2014.Quality management for organizational excellence. pearson. Parke, M.R., Campbell, E.M. and Bartol, K.M., 2014, January. 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A meta-analysis of shared leadership and team effectiveness.Journal of Applied Psychology,99(2), p.181.

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