Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Web Server Security

Web Server authenticty| Authentication and Authorization| | | | Michelle Blackwell| 3/29/2011| | Introduction XYZ Company has recently implemented a Apache hypertext transfer communications protocol Version 2.2 host for the purpose of charge and entropy share-out on the fraternitys website. XYZ company has indicated that the legion give share knowledge though out the companys main explanation and operational departments. XYZ will also share limited teaching with outside supplier and business partners. Because of the sensitive nature of most of the in somaation and files that Apache server will handle for the XYZ company ,Blackwell IT Security Solutions has be contracted. The hobby report will contain details on the Apache hypertext transfer protocol Version 2.2 server. The main focalise of this project is to investigate form configurations that will en consecutive a high level of protective cover for the XYZ company website. Methods of authentication and authorization will also be explained and discussed in order to provided the XYZ company a comprehensive selections of choices. Apache hypertext transfer protocol Version 2.2 The information systems of the XYZ company are based on Microsoft operating systems. Because Apache programs are multi-platform, installation of the Apache HTTP Version 2.2 server is not affected by the Unix based design of the Apache website. The opening area of consideration in terms of security measures conduct in the configuration of the Apache server. System Updates The first and most of minute detail of securing a web server is making sure that all systems software are currently up to date. It is recommended by Blackwell IT Security Solutions that the XYZ company subscribe to the Apache HTTP Server Announcements List. This work is provided by Apache to inform users of any new releases or security update. The following step in securing the Apache server begins with limiting the information displa! yed by the default setting after the installation of the server. Apache word form and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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