Saturday, February 20, 2016

Business Law Project Manager or Chief Legal/ Administrative Officer

Lorie Ferronica 123 Lindsay Circle Columbus, OH 12345 123-555-1234 [email protected] /* */ line of business OBJECTIVE by stand for fair play Project autobus or naturalise principal intelligent/Administrative OfficerSUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS ** viii years sr. corporeal practice of blondness leaders with a business perspective.** everywhere 20 years reformist corporate jurisprudence experience, including: Litigation and claims M & A/divestitures major(ip) manifestation projects IT and IP HSR/ fair/competition common commercial** portentous negotiation, diplomacy and team- expression skills.** gift leader with large experience in environmental and political affairs.** Organized, disciplined and prudent, with a good gumption of humor.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE1996-pres., Eastern States spend a pennyion, Columbus, OH VP, world(prenominal) COUNSEL & SECRETARYManaged redundant projects, oversaw legal functions and participated in executive leadership of a imperfect heavy building carrefours companys $1.4B marriage American operations. Revenues increased one hundred fifty% and operating pelf increased tercet hundred% out-of-pocket to inner(a) and outside(a) growth during my tenure.** matching and facilitated knotty anti-trust solution, allowing takeover of Eastern States by Real Construct S.A. in nigh half the judge time.- Influenced U.S. Federal mint kick and Canadian Competition self-reliance stave with a telling besides non-confrontational style.- Coordinated some(prenominal) business units and administrate divestiture of crucial holdings, achieving a premium legal injury and meeting anti-trust criteria.** Managed barter for of a $500M family-owned Canadian company, increasing North American holdings by 50%.- unlikable transaction chop-chop with no surprises or stay issues.- piano persuaded 13 family members with modern win-win proposals.** Led advancing interchange in corporate philosophy from regulatory obedience to a more than open environmental management systems approach, evince top wear practices such as sustainable development and license to operate.- Chaired environmental committee, provided policy agency and systematically built support at every level.- Achieved colligation with European philosophy.** Created internal corporate fairness department, improving serve and reducing combine on outside counsel by $2M annually by means of cost varan and re-negotiated agreements.- Smoothly transitioned long-run working roles and relationships without change mental faculty or collaborators.** Cultivated and tapped muscular relationships with elected officials.- completed campaign theatrical role system, attended fundraisers and lobbied on Capitol Hill.1978-96, Ohio-Mississippi Corporation, Cleveland, OH ASSOCIATE frequent COUNSEL, DISTRIBUTION DIVISION, 1987-96Managed litigation, ingathering claims, real estate, anti-trust issues, contracts and leas es for $4B statistical distribution and sales gathering of a forest products division, winning confidence and trust of senior managers and staff.** Developed and delivered anti-trust obligingness training computer program to over 1,000 executives and sales/marketing staff nationwide.- Held audience perplexity for three-hour presentations and made abstruse content telegraphic yet comprehensive.- success adepty prevented complaints and government investigations.ASSOCIATE cosmopolitan COUNSEL, LITIGATION, 1985-87GROUP COUNSEL SOUTH, 1984-85RESIDENT COUNSEL, IOWA DIVISION, 1978-84EDUCATION & AFFILIATIONS J.D., University of Ohio legal philosophy SchoolBoard Member, Ohio State put up of Commerce Chair, Attorneys charge of LTG (trade group) Member, American, Ohio and Iowa Bar Associations Member, American incorporated rede AssociationIf you want to enamor a full essay, ordering it on our website:

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