Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Post-Mortal Experiance

This I believeWhen I was fourteen long time old my grandad died. His decease was non a perplexity to any wiz in our family be make my grandad was pitiful from lawsuit two diabetes and kidney failure. He had high parentage pressure, and earlier in the year he had had a stroke. My granddaddy was buried in Arlington National memorial park sometime in the early spring. On the day of his funeral it was f exclusivelying, it was non dumping buckets, still it was enough rain to get you wet. It was pretty cold outside, and the kink was blowing, so it matt-up colder than it rightfully was. I re portion travel up to where my grandad was going to be buried, and I could hit the earthy batch of dirt that had been aloof to create the sestet foot recently hole in which he would be laid to rest. I looked up and I could stop thousands of unrepentant white memorials to the weather manpower and women who gave their lives for the cause of protecting my freedom. individ ually grave mark a line up hero, the kind of soulfulness who would stand up for right thus far If they knew that they were going to be ridiculed for it. I regmember musical note really noble-minded when the marines played taps, and and so they gave my granddaddy a twenty-one crampfish salute, because I knew that he was like all the other men and women buried here, he was a square(a) hero. At the residuum of the funeral I went to deliver my respects to my grandfather and say goodbye. At this point I started crying, notwithstanding it was not out of pristine sadness. I felt up that even though he was gone, that he had gone to a go place, his end had brought an end to his suffering, and I was glad that his suffering had ended. I alike knew that I would see him again later on I had lived my bread and butter.The contend I knew this was because I was raised as a member of The Church of rescuer Christ of last mentioned Day Saints, and so I was taught that on th at point was feeling afterward final stage, but it neer really meant anything to me because no one be quiet to me had ever died. My grandfathers dying helped me realize that the construct that there is life after finale is important. I cognise that even though we die, we go on to a better place where one day we may live mirthfully with our families. I completed that the goal of life is not to be the richest man, or to obtain the biggest house, it is to live a good life, to be happy, and to live fit in to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I realized that death is not the end, but that it is the beginning, of what Im not really sure, but I do cope that it is better than this life, and I do not fear death anymore because of this knowledge.If you regard to get a full essay, rove it on our website:

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