Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Multinational Enterprise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Multinational Enterprise - Essay Example The organisation is known for daily output of 2 million barrels of petrochemical products (Luong and Sierra, 2013). The discussion will analyse the base of Petrobras, Brazil, as an emerging market while evaluating different emerging market multinational. The study will illustrate the internationalization path of the company. It will also detail various business concept and internationalization theories to evaluate the internationalization strategies of Petrobras. Emerging-market multinationals (EMMs) are the enterprises which are based in an emerging market and have operations in other countries as well. Emerging markets are the countries which have demonstrated some traits of developed countries but cannot be referred as fully developed country (Subramaniam, et al., 2015). Emerging market consists of all the newly industrialized economies of Asia as well as other developing and emerging countries. Most of the EMMs are belong from the leading developing countries like China, Brazil, India and Russia (Accenture, 2008). There are mainly five types of emerging market multinationals such as full-fledged globalizers, regional players, global sources, global sellers and multi-regional niche players (Accenture, 2008). The full-fledged globalizers are the established and old EMMs that have already attained geographic span that is similar to the biggest Western multinationals. Regional players are those organisations which are planning to break out of their domestic market to attain greater scale. These organisations are only concentrating on the neighbouring market due to geographical proximity and cultural affinity. Global sources tend to source internationally while their main focus is the domestic market. Global sellers primarily manufacture in their home country but seek consumers from different geographical locations. The last type

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