Saturday, July 27, 2019

Short story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Short story - Essay Example Normally, two spoons are enough for me. However, that day I needed more. It was like I felt that that one extra spoon would give me the confidence and courage for the grand adventure that was just about to begin. That morning I was going to ride my bike to the top of the highest mountain in the neighborhood. The steep twisted roads leading to the top were considered dangerous even for the more experienced riders than I was. The challenge seemed to be a tough one. However, I had been crazy about reaching that summit for almost a year, and I had to do it. Otherwise, my desire would not leave me alone. I finished my super energetic drink and headed for the front door. Although my courtyard was lit with the sunlight, it was still quite chilly outside. The whiff of fresh air against my face cheered me up as I moved towards the mountain. I was as excited as never before. After I crossed the railroads, my challenge was officially on. When the first corner was complete, I found that my vigor had gone somewhere. The feeling was like myriads of invisible needles were stuck into my legs. Sweat was streaming down my face. I could feel how it gets into my eyes. It was like someone stuck a finger straight into my eye socket. I stopped to remove my glasses just for a moment; then went on again. As I turned around the fifth corner, I realized how close to the top I was. My heart was jumping out of the chest. The sound of it was ringing in my head like a bell; I could practically hear it pumping blood throughout my exhausted body. The summit was very close. I was nearly there. However, I was starting to flag. My legs moved slower and slower. It was harder to press the pedals. I felt like I was underwater. Climbing up on the last hill, I saw a beautiful glade through the trees. Obviously, it was my final leap. At that moment, it was rather a mental challenge than a physical one. That was the point when I had to question myself how much I wanted to reach the top. I

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