Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 18

Assignment - Essay Example?The way schools work A sociological analysis of discipline and School and Society were the most scathing readings.The books served to introduce the contexts of how schools served to promote social values. This paper will present a reflection of the critical things I intimate throughout the course.The first chapter of The way schools work A sociological analysis of education introduced an interesting concept that helped me to understand the purposes for the different administrations of organizations evident in schools today. For a long time, I had been wondering why American schools have adopted the modern system of rules of organization. Chapter 2 of the same book helped me to recognize the structures and dynamics of schools that shift them to be social organizations. Worth noting is the fact that students from different backgrounds have an opportunity to interact freely with the school systems. In addition, the school content covers certain critical social concepts that shape the perception of the students. It emerged to me that schools are critical social organizations explaining why it is important to develop an effective curriculum for the American schools. In the third chapter of the book, I gained familiarity with the social impact that schools have on children. Notably, the interactions between different children in the school setting lead to an exchange of social and cultural values. For many students, it is unsurmountable to resist the social impact experienced in schools. Therefore, there is a salient need for teachers to promote positive socialization within the school system in an effort to avoid negative social impact. From a personal experience, schools can affect an individual in different ways. During my early school days, I gained familiarity with different cultural aspects. For this reason, I have first-hand experience that schools have a critical social impact on students. The content discussed in the school system also served to shape my social

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