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See attachments - Essay Exampleactions in meddling with war machine personal matters and his initiation of the Jewish Holocaust, would result to the defeat of Germany against the Allied forces of United States, Soviet Russian, Great Britain and France.Initially, during 1939 to 1942, Germany agilely overran most of Western Europe. Germany succeeded for more than two years by relying on their new method of warfare called Blitzkrieg. This innovative way of waging modern war required the focused use of offensive forces against the weakest point in a battlefront. For this to be achieved, speed and coordination was needed, using combined arms that involved the use of strike aircraft, assault infantry, mechanized and armored units, and artillery support. This led to newer technologies for tanks, aircrafts, and other weapons for Germany, off from better-trained personnel. First, German air forces would thwart rival forces from effectively bringing supplies or prevent the deployment of r einforcements. Afterwards, the German army would penetrate enemy defenses or lines with their tank divisions, cognise as panzers, to break through enemy lines quickly and move around without restraint. The result of this method of attack would result in shock and disorientation among the enemy forces. In the German plan, it was anticipated that an enemys entire country would be so quickly over-run that little concern need be had for industrial and war production that was merely potential.1Germanys use of maneuver warfare was supposedly a quick and decisive solution to achieve a swift and total victory. As far as tactics were concerned, the Germans had better tactical application and advantages in the early years of World War II. However, it was too previous(a) when the Germans realized that their means to wage did not match their ends, and exceeded their capabilities. There was hardly anything wrong with the military strategic and tactical doctrines of the German Third Reich. The problems were in the military objectives that

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