Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sex Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sex Education - Essay ExampleThe argument whether sex bringing up should be made mandatory in schools, will be supported along with a short discussion on the kind of the content that should be discussed or taught as part of sex teaching. Thus, I indispensability to argue that not only should sex education be made mandatory, but it should also be effectively taught keeping in mind, the practical issues and mate pressures teenagers face and thus help students overcome modern personal crisis and ultimately, help in their psychological and social upbringing.The veritable scenario of sex education in US is not quite encouraging or effective. Either it is taught ineffectively, or it is taught keeping one goal in perspective - to perpetuate abstinence and post-marital sex. Therefore, the first nous one has to ask is What constitutes sex education Sadly, when one tries to answer this, there arises the conflict between cultural values, how much is enough, and whether internality consti tute both biological and behavioral science. Does sex education also attempt to explain the relationship between sexuality and media, religion, law, culture, arts and gender I strongly feel that it should.sexual urge constitutes our image of ourselves, determines our orientation and sexual health, and affects our social skills, relationships and sexual behavior. Hence, sex education has a huge responsibility to play, contrary to popular opinion, and this can determine the merciful development of a child, who is the future citizen of a country. Is the ultimate aim of sex education to stop teenage pregnancy If so, then the role of sex education becomes quite negative and conservative in nature. It then aims to eradicate a social evil and prejudices the childs mind, rather than helping them to take up a root with the help of their own free will. Any form of force or action is always less effective than something that has been done from the inner self will. This should be the proper a im of sex education. Sometimes sex education becomes a bitter power play and a good instrument in the workforce of various political organizations. It is a political tool and US has faced such political tug of war in the field of sex education since the 60s. In Talk about Sex the Battles over sex education in the United States1, Janice M. Irvine says that, The efforts of national evangelical organizationsall of which oppose comprehensive sex education, abortion, sexual representation in the media, and gay rights - gained momentum on legislative and policy fronts during Bushs administration (Irvine, xv). Since the Victorian time the myth of childhood innocence has always been upheld and the current picture of childhood and various discourses wee been developed to propagate this very form of truth. The image of the child as sexual being whence provokes religious, political and social controversies that are rooted in deep moral shame and fear about tarnishing this popular picture o f childhood innocence by sex talks (Irvine 13, 14). Nevertheless, we are evolving as a society and sex education should provide valuable knowledge keeping in mind the current social crisis that children face - without which a growing child may be exposed to greater exploitations and danger. The physical, emotional and psychological outfall after sex can have

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