Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alcohol Adv Poem

Poetry I Presentation Paper - Huda Fitri Amalia - Laili Dian R.W.N - Miftahur Roifah - Ratih Qorry M. - Swasti Prawidya M. [pic] Discussion 1. wherefore are the conditions contends and millions written in expectantger size than the word intoxi undersidet (while the rase of this numbers is about alcoholic beverage)? In our opinion, the dustup wars and millions is make big in purpose that is todraw peoples attention. Those two words indicate some affaire important. Today, war is an international big issue, yet it rarely appears in unexclusive billboard. When it does, people is hoped to be curious about the entire passage. Millions correspond something big and hearty as well. If we just use matchless or more, it would not imply something important or worth reading. alcohol is written in not so big size, is intend to avoid people to catch the point at once, to apprehend them read the whole verse form to dress its tru e nitty-gritty. 2. What is the meaning of the colorise in the song? The colors of the desktop and the letters, we think, do not carry certain affable object. They are just a medium to make the poem even more eye-catching, in addition to the take form and size of words. The dark colored background will make the vivid colored poem function easier to read. 3. Why there is not punctuation in this poem? In this type of poem, where shape is the most important thing to concern about, punctuation tycoon be a nemesis spoiling the figure. In this poem, the scratch of every sentence can be recognized by the word I. 4. Is it a good poem, because the words are so simple and the message is obvious? This poem of bunk can be spy from different lights. From the function, we think that this poem is very good as a medium of common information. The simple dictions, contrastive colors, and amiable shape will for certain draw peoples attention, and lead the m to read it up to the end. On the other han! d, when we regain it in the light of language...If you deficiency to get a large essay, order it on our website:

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