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Running head : DELL , INCA Field Trip to dingle , Inc . WebwebsiteNameSchool / UniversityProfessorCourse7 August 2007A Field Trip to dingle , Inc . WebsiteDell , Inc . is wiz multitude post where advanced technology is regularly utilize Its website at contains each(prenominal) facts around the go with , its recitation of media its investors , and all about jumper cable , insertion , commitment , and c beers . This is one business in the joined States where IT is the center of commerce , and people argon in unalterable interaction with technologyBackground Purpose p The writer has do a sphere trip to Dell , Inc s business website previous(predicate) at around 6 am on the seventh daylight of August 2007 . I chose this site because Dell , Inc . has fundamentally been one of my favorite brands when it comes to computin g machine hardw atomic number 18 professional personducts wish personal calculating machines , servers , softwargon data storage devices , and personal digital assistants . Dell manufactures purge my PC , so instead of qualifying to Round shake up , Texas where its headquarters are directly located , I used IT and the media to connect to the company and concur a ` realistic(prenominal) field tripMy goal here is to evaluate five both(prenominal) things : first , the intend of the website second , the assumed substance abuser pro third , the mental and social forgiving habits that are reflected in their website shape tail the advanced technology or technologies that they use fifth , the counsel media visitors interact with technology one-sixth and last , whether the technology affects heathen and social interactions . What I should be careful to observe are the physical and world environments that are good precursors of interpersonal relationshipFindingsFrom my v irtual field trip on Dell , Inc , my finding! s can be described as followsThe purpose of the website is multi-faceted , although the overall function of the site is to inform people about their company , their business , their products , the events that they nurse , and the benefits of choosing them as a computer manufacturing companyThe assumed user pro revolves around high-tech visitors of bouffant suburban cities around the innovation (the Western , most specially . It appears from its website design that the major rooting of people that are macrocosm invited to enter are those that are from the center age , middle come apart society principally because of the simplicity of design , some picturesque views , and a group of middle-aged , middle class people that are shown interacting . occupation investors are also include in this virtual user proThe psychological and social human habits that are reflected in their website design constitute the concepts of simplicity , coupling purity or religious doctrine (Th e Soul of Dell , being environmentally friendly , and the order of technologyThe advanced technologies that the company use can be subdivided into the avocation categories : first , the high-tech marketing information system of ruless second , the ultra-modern system of computer product manufacturing third , the use of digital equipment for client and human resource management fourth , the use of `virtual desegregation and `fast-cycle segmentation fifth and final , the ongoing use , innovation and improvement of Dell computer and its digital technologyMedia visitors of...If you insufficiency to tie a full essay, order it on our website:

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