Monday, February 3, 2014

Homeless To Harvard Essay

True invoice three times Emmy nominated countenance Homeless to Harvard is on the breeding of Liz Murray. This incredible inspiring degree is based on a young girl who becomes dispossessed at the age of 15 due to her parents addiction to drugs and the deteriorate of parental involvement in her life. Although she lacked the stability of a family, her ch eery(prenominal)enges she has pose throughout her life shows the biggest accomplishment shes do in becoming a success. Liz Murray has faced many obstacles growing up in an unprivileged home with addicted parents who cared no function barely to reanimate their addition. Her parents were so strung out on drugs that they didnt drive in the survival of both their daughters overall. Both Liz and her infant were neglected. At this order Liz was on her own, she was raped by her magisterial begin, and after being outside from child services down the stairs the conditions of her home she was entered into a meeting home. Th at didnt last for commodious and she decided to leave and was posterior found on the streets roofless person. But through this all, both her parents diagnosed with HIV, her father not virtually and her arrive dying from Aids, her mother was all Liz had. She held off from lop and didnt attend school at all to adopt care of her mother. This was the biggest challenge for Liz Murray, she was more of a parent to her mother most of her life than her mother was ever to her. After the close of her mother that was the most devastating play manoeuvre in her life. The only thing she had and cared for was gone. With nothing else to matter onward to Liz Murray made a huge turning point in her life where she wanted better for herself and the only thing she could look forward to is education. She decided to go back to school entering a public high school at the age of 17 with the education of an eighth grader. Liz had the determination and breathing in to application high school and even being homeless on the streets she gradu! ated within only two years. She was give a scholarship with the story of her life...If you want to get a safe essay, order it on our website:

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