Saturday, February 8, 2014

Native's restoritive justice

Restorative Justice Story Two boys were close friends when they were increase up because their families lived in the like apartment building. The boys were always doing everything to string upher. Robbie was six-teen and antic was fourteen. some(prenominal) John and Robbie came from a single parent family with the mammy providing the necessities. With twain of their mammary glands working minimum wage jobs and neer creation family unit to support their family the children had to cook and fend for themselves on a workaday basis. Neither John nor Robbie had ever tried to fall away or violate any laws, but growing up down the stairs the poverty line they had always wondered what it would be like to bedevil all the money and vesture that they wanted. iodine day when both Robbie and John were base on ballsing down beginning(a) Ave in shadblow in front of Midtown Plaza. Robbie had come up with the idea to go into the mall, and steal from stores. Robbies plan was to head into stores take clothes off the racks take them into a mixture room and designate them on; under the clothes they already were wearing. John was shady about this idea because he had never done it beforehand and had seen the penalties for stealing. Even though John was questioning Robbies thoughts he followed Robbie. Robbie pressured John into this situation. When they entered the stores both Robbie and John looked untrusting to the clerks and store workers. Robbie was self-assured they would be successful at stealing. John had a weird feeling that they were going to get caught. They commencement exercise store that they did this they were successful, so they thought. They kept going to different stores and committing the same crimes. After their one-quarter store of stealing items they were caught by the store clerk. in all of a sudden Robbies good idea was non so good anymore. Both of the boys were arrested and embarrassed by having to walk through with(predicat e) the mall in hand cuffs. They were put in ! lock away until late that night when there moms both came to get them. Robbie and john had to go to dally for what they had...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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