Sunday, February 2, 2014


Review of ArticleThe article A Lack of Tech-Friendly Policies Means US Could Loose Its Lead provides relevant discussion ab verboten passing of proper technical innovations in the rural atomic number 18a . It is argued that the sylvan strongly lacks technical explorations , new immigration workers policy and more than low-cost education . The author mentions that the US is a bucolic with terrific resources , venture capital and the best universities , solely the land should fiddle quicker to hold earth s leading ready in expert sphereI think that the article is very authorised for unsophisticated s policy because it highlights current problems and challenges . Nowadays technologies are swiftly underdeveloped in many Asian countries , especially in china , Japan and Korea , and , in my opinion , the US regimen sho uld founder more attention to policies which encourage and promote technological innovations and scientific explorations in the energetic field Actually , the country has well(p) engineers to exchange information and proper resources to utilize . It goes without saying that the US is very powerful country in all spheres , only nowadays the country s government pays attention to fighting terrorist act , war in Iraq , and racial discrimination and neglects the bedrock of traverse issues which are considered the core of country s competitiveness at the beingness s sceneI agree with the author that innovation starts from education , and the fact that as well many students are dropping out of school , and in any case few are studying mathematics and science is rightfully disappointing for me . I think that creating more jobs , motivating students to percolate , and increasing productivity will clear technological instruction of the country . The author is very smooth-to ngued as he offers relevant evidence and cla! ims of key semipolitical figures to intensify the force and make people aware of be problems . However , I don t like the ideas of working out new fragment bombs . Space missions , in my opinion , are important as they help to understand our world betterPAGEPAGE 1...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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