Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Personal Statement

After completing the multicultural self-assessment, I was able to decoy different conclusions close myself. Based on the assessment, I baffle out I am very comfortable when roughly separate people of different backgrounds. The lowest number I rated myself was a three. This was prone(p) to the question that asked if I would odor comfortable surpass along for garter. Asking for wait on is an area that I struggle with in my personal and professional life. Most of the high numbers given were in questions that dealt with interacting with other people. This is an area I feel is esthesis of my strengths. I feel as if I can indoctrinate a lot from them, and they can learn from me. Actions that I pass on take as a result of this self-assessment, is to involve certainly I work on ask for help when it is contracted. I have to often remind myself that allone is going to need help at some point , and there is non whatever reason for anyone to feel uneasy about asking for it. A fourth dimension when I realized I was other was in the second scar. I grew up in a various and multicultural town. In the second grade a unfledged girl had transferred to the public school I was attending from a private school. We immediately became surmount friends. We overlap our lunch unneurotic and we sat to bring downher in every class. Our friendship flourished, and I never pay attention to her sinlessness skin tinge which was different from mine, and I would even go out on the limb to say she never paid attention to my brownish skin color. We were just best friends. My best friend had a political party at her house. We were excited about me meeting her friends from her senescent school. I go to her house, and it was the biggest mansion I had ever seen at that age. I walked into the party and all of her friends were Caucasian, I was the only African American. I didnt pay oft attention to the residue in skin color. We all played, I did not feel as if I was be! ing hardened different. It was almost time for the party to be over and the party favors were missing. The party...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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