Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Biology- Mitosis

TIIE PROCESS OF MITOSIS SYlLABUS OBJECTIVE Candidates should be able to: refer the deal of mitosis. CONTENT C 1.1 Mitosis is the carry out by which the nerve centre of a prison cadre divides into two like nuclei. hobby this, on that point is separation of the cytoplasm into two cellular ph bingles each containing a nucleus. During mitosis the chromosomes of the dividing cell behave in a specific way. This p arnt cell lastly discerns into two identical cells called girl cells. apiece daughter cell contains the comparable number and types of chromosomes as the parent cell. It should be noted that the fulfil is a continuous one and stratum into stages is merely for convenience. Since the process of mitosis is basically the same in plants and sentient beings, the process in animal cells will be described. When a cell is not dividing. its chromosomes are not visible. They exist as long, come megabucks strands (referred to as chromatin) dispersed within the material of the nucleus. The cell is carrying our. its normal, every(prenominal) day activities e.g. respiration, protein price reduction and other processes related to its special roJe in the life of the tissues or organs of which it forms a part. Just forwards cell ingredient begins, each chromosome makes a copy of itself (i.e it replicates). As a expiration of this process, each is now composed of a pair of structures, called chromatids. Each chromatid is a complete chromosome containing information identical [0 that of the original chromosome. The diametric chromatids are held together at one point by a small spherical consistency called the centromere. The stages of mitosis I.The onset of mitosis is marked by several changes. The chromosomes begin to narrow and coil into a helix (i.e like a cylindrical spring). This causes them to become to a greater extent visible. The membrane around the nucleus breaks down an d a mandrel is formed. (The spindle is ma! de of fibres which will eventually shorten to separate the chromatids.)...If you want to get a well(p) essay, order it on our website:

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